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Let’s face it, our world has changed.... literally overnight. Tomorrow is full of uncertainties. How our professional and personal worlds will look still lies in the unknown. So, we choose to lock arms through the ongoing disruptions and pivots of 2020 while we learn, adapt, navigate, and conquer this togetHER.


And if we’ve learned anything from this year is that we must continue to roll with the change. 


We’ve decided to shift from our planned virtual conference to be held on October 15th and now offering a self-paced option.  By registering, you will receive all of our speaker video content released on October 15th.  With registration, we’ll also be offering a live virtual event in November. 

And perhaps the best part is the event is now FREE.  The conference will feature three tracks of content with multiple speaker presentations across each track.  At our virtual event on November 17, you’ll have the ability to interact with the presenters and other conference attendees.


Track 1:  Adapting to Change in a Disruptive and Transformative Time:  Brands and companies are dealing with rapid unplanned changes with global pandemic and the year of ongoing and unexpected pivots. We will share how organizations adapted and embraced change and discuss the role of Change Management. We will also reveal some helpful ways to embrace change and leverage digital and technology in more innovative ways.


Track 2 Shift Happens:  The global pandemic has changed how consumers are engaging with brands, media and each other.  While brands have been striving to deliver more customer-first experiences, now more than ever customers demand them. What shifts in 2020 have been mandatory in business, marketing, technology and resources?  How are we as leaders and women continuing to make professional and personal shifts to accommodate all the disruptions in 2020 and where do go from here?

Track 3 Navigating the Now: 2020 seems like already a decade long, right? How are we as digital leaders, friends and colleagues navigating it all? We seem to be continually pushing the reset button on life, work, ALL of it. How are we continuing to show up, provide value in the workplace, with our teams and co-workers? We will provide key insights, content and tools for navigating the now and preparing for the next reset.


Please sign up HERE today to receive all pre-recorded presentations across all tracks and an invite to the virtual event on November 17, 5:30-7pm Central Standard. 

View the agenda HERE.

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