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2020 Mini Conference  Details  

Keynote speakers will now be featured at our Virtual Event on November 17, 5:30-7pm Central Standard.  All break-out content has been pre-recorded and is

offered with your registration.

Opening Keynote

10 Seconds at a Time, Learning How to Embrace Change in an Uncertain World

Sharon Weaver, CEO, Smarter Consulting

Growing up as PK AND Military Brat in a large family was never what anyone would consider a stable lifestyle. By the time I was done with high school, I had lived in 3 different states, 8 different homes, and attended a total of 10 different schools! 


However, it wasn't all bad! All of this instability provided me with a amazing ability to cope with change. I have now worked in technology for over 20 years and I'm convinced that one of my biggest strengths is the ability to deal with change.


During our time together, I will share some of my tips and tricks for managing (and coping with) change for yourself and your team... even if you don’t know what’s coming next!

Breakout Sessions 1 

Adapting to Change | Mental Hacks for Conquering Your Comfort Zone 

Nicki Powers, Marketing Director, Object Computing, Inc.

Your comfort zone is called that for a reason ... It's comfortable and safe. But what if. your comfort zone was actually the most dangerous place on earth ... one that keeps you from seizing opportunities for growth? This talk will focus on how I forced myself out of my own head and smashed the boundaries of my comfort zone.


Adapting to Change | Leading with Resilience

Amy Leslie, CEO, Perspective Consulting

Great leaders show their mastery in the storm.  In this session, you will learn how to lead with resilience!

Shift Happens | How You Lead During Tragedy

Tammy Buckner, Techquity Digital

Just because you are in a culture where women are not leading the pack doesn't mean you have to give up your femininity. While there still are cultural differences in male dominating industries, such as technology, you can still take the reigns.

Shift Happens | A New Mindset in a New Norm

Nichole Fox, Digital Sales Manager, Steel City Media

Nichole is not immune to helping clients and brands shift marketing and media approaches to become more impactful.  She’ll talk about her direct experience of shifting traditional media spends to digital to drive incremental revenue. She’ll also discuss the new opportunities and wins over the course of the past few months and conclude with how she’s continuing to grow business and client relationships by radiating genuine passion.


Navigating the Now | Take the Helm: Master the 7 Elements Needed to Navigate Change and Reach Your Destination

Kelly Byrnes, Founder/CEO, Voyage Consulting Group

Business was VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) before the pandemic, economic downturn, and civil discourse added to the pressures of 2020. People are scared for their lives, their children, their jobs, their futures—and they have been fearful for months. It is no wonder 69% of employees are experiencing burnout. Take the Helm was created to give people back some control over their lives. It is time to take control and get back on course.


Emerge from Kelly’s talk you’ll gain the clarity needed to move forward, not just get by. Reaffirm your purpose and reclaim the confidence needed to go after your goals no matter how the world changes.


Navigating the Now | Turning Your Expertise Into Your Extra Income

Bob Sherwood, President, TREK42 & Consultant, Expert Witness Engagements

The professional practice of testifying as an expert witness has long been a male dominated field. In today’s legal system, nearly all litigation requires an expert witness for both the plaintiff and the defendant, as well as damages experts to award settlements. This has led to an explosion in the demand for experts in all fields (nurses, sales, human resources, etc.). Consulting as an expert witness offers a unique opportunity for women to enter a wide open market; harnessing knowledge and experience they’ve already accumulated; with an often flexible schedule and work location; and lucrative pay. Bob will share how he got started as an Expert Witness and why he is so passionate about helping others turn their ‘Best Practices’ into a better future.

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Breakout Sessions 2

Adapting to Change | One Click Away from Catastrophe

Mark Davis, Chief Data Officer, real quantum

Cybersecurity, it can be life or death for your business.  43% of cyber attacks target small business.  34% of hacked businesses suspend operations for more than a week.  75% of hacked businesses permanently lose data.  60% of small businesses die within six months of a cyber breach.  In Mark’s talk he will talk about the critical importance of cybersecurity in present times and give tangible ways to avoid threats, manage passwords, surf safely and prevent as much as possible.


Adapting to Change | You Need a Process:  Making Your Operations Bulletproof

Teresa Maly, Account Supervisor, Seismic Digital

When everything in the world is chaos, having solid processes in place brings certainty to your organization’s day-to-day no matter where you’re working. Learn how to create processes that empower innovation instead of simply being a checklist.


Shift Happens | Staying the Course When Shift Happens

Teresa Dailey, Midwestern Financial Group and Jen Brown, Digital Women Kansas City

Teresa and Jen will have a friendly conversation about difficult subjects. With her sweet demeanor and over a year of experience on a weekly radio show, Teresa easily explains the difference between what the stock market values and the economy - enlightening the listener with an understanding of the basic ‘nuts and bolts’ of the two. She will share the ‘WHY’ behind time-tested principles for financial success like: pay yourself first; make a plan - and tell your money to behave; staying the course when the waters are rough - long term mentality. Teresa also offers an overview of some of the best financial digital tools, how to use them correctly - and not let them overwhelm you.

Shift Happens | How Collaboration Can Bring Courage and Confidence to Make Change

Katie Swanson, Founder, CEO Change Collaborative

Katie shares inspiring stories of how collaboration has fostered courage and confidence that brought about change, including her own story of how this led her to start her own business during the pandemic.  She’ll talk about how we define courage and confidence and then discuss the confidence cousin, Self-Compassion.  And that without pushing yourself or being pushed along by others you don’t get to experience how far you can actually go.



Navigating the Now | Crafting Community in the Time of COVID

Lauren Conaway, Founder & CEO InnovateHER KC

Championship of women comes in many forms and has never been more important in our communities than it is right now. Join Lauren Conaway, founder and CEO of InnovateHER KC an inclusive, 3000+ member womxn's leadership community as we discuss the importance of womxn supporting womxn in trying times.  She’ll discuss how to actively engage womxn in promoting each other, supporting each other and amplifying each others' work through the lens of inclusion - with a strong sense of community.


Navigating the Now | Putting the Net Back in Networking

Angela Crawford, The Builders’ Association

Starting a new job in a new industry during the Quarantimes meant getting creative about getting up to speed on the industry and meeting key players. Despite the pandemic, Angela has experienced the most substantive networking of her career. During this session she’ll share tips for getting more out of virtual networking and what may be worth taking beyond the Quarantimes.

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Breakout Sessions 3

Adapting to Change | Fearless Opportunities

Shā Sparks, CEO, Sparks of Fire International LLC

When change happens, we tend to get anxious, feel uncertain, and get scared about the direction we are going. Sha will show how to navigate change by seeing what is controllable, where your opportunities live and how to leverage those opportunities. 


Shā Sparks has taken the obstacles of abuse, addiction, depression, anger, low self-worth, and more to guide others transform their trauma into treasure. Shā is the CEO (Chief Excitement Officer) of Sparks of Fire International, LLC, a Certified Fearless Living Coach and Trainer, host of The Power of Investing in People Podcast, host of “Hey Shā, What Do I Say?” Facebook Live Show, author of “How to Get Your Voice Back”, and Co-Founder of #FIRESTARTERS Book Project. As an empowered influencer, she guides leaders to re-ignite their passion into a more aligned purpose and transform it into increased profit.


Adapting to Change | Be a Change Ready Champ

Tammy Bearden, Research Manager 1898 & Co.

This pandemic and its myriad of associated effects is just one of the dozens of examples of needing to be change-ready. Change is constant…it's daily. And you have the ability to be change ready, even if you don't yet recognize it.


Shift Happens | Taking Your Dojo Digital

Lynette Mendoza, MX Martial Arts

How do you take a business from ‘going from digital isn’t really an option’ to ‘digital is the only option’ - if you want to survive? But, the goal isn’t just to maintain as a business. What will it take to continue innovating and scale your growth? Why is it good to fail? Lynette will share how she turned what could have been tragedy into triumph, how your mindset sets a projection for your success before you even take action, and tips for taking your dojo digital.

Shift Happens | 5 Apps Which have Helped Me Personally and Professionally ... Remotely

Mickie Brewer, HT Consulting

Apps can represent much more than a fun game or distractions for you or your family. There are quite a few productivity apps out there that can help you work more efficiently in this digital world we all find ourselves in. Micky will show you her  top 5 apps she has used to help her both with personally and professionally.

Navigating the Now | Building Advocates From Within

Christina Beaird, Marketing & Business Development Manager, Henderson Engineers

Now, more than ever, it’s important to be continuing to grow your circle, your tribe of people, building the relationships that are going to help your career move forward or move on based on what your current situation entails. What does it mean to have personal and career advocates? How do you foster these relationships during a global pandemic and spans of time when you don’t see each other every day? Christina will talk about quick tips and tricks on making and building those connections, and most importantly drill home the fact that your biggest advocate needs to be none other than… yourself.

Navigating the Now | Pivoting and Adapting in the Face of Disruption

Jill Head, Partner Marketing Manager, Dynatrace and Stephanie Ayers, Chief Marketing Officer, Service Management Group

The disruption of the last eight months hasn’t discriminated between our professional and personal lives. Schools shut down, businesses sent people home, the world outside of the US has been closed to us. It has affected travel, personal connections, education, and the disruption has disproportionately affected working women with the additional burdens of hour reductions, child care or senior care, and more. In many industries, the disruption caused an eruption in innovation and revenue growth which drive their own impacts on working women.


In this session, Jill Head, Dynatrace and Stephanie Ayers, Service Management Group, discuss how they’ve pivoted and adapted during this roller coaster of disruption, including how they navigated both the professional and personal impact.

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Closing Keynote

Life, Interrupted

Barb Teicher, Global TEDx Speaker | Founder, CEO PROPELHER Influence

Now, more than ever, as women find themselves working all day in what was once personal space, there’s a critical need to find a way to balance work life and personal life, in many cases within the same rooms.  


Many of us are isolated in our home full of kids, spouses, and pets.  If you are going in to work, this too brings its load of heavy burdens.  Trying to keep loved ones and yourselves safe, find everything you need at the store, childcare where there is none, split school schedules with kids at home and onsite, all in an uncertain environment of stress and changing rules.   I have found there is more anxiety than ever, more feelings of fear and uncertainty and a sincere need for help and support. How do you handle it all?


Join women’s global leadership and communication speaker, Barbara Teicher, CSP, a she shares the 6 steps to keep your calm during a  “Life Interrupted.”

Barb Teicher headshot.jpg

If you have not already, register for the track content and virtual event HERE.  

Thank you to our Sponsors for the Mini Conference

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