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About Digital Women Kansas City

We believe all women can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.

Candy Cotton

Our History

In 2015, some savvy, enterprising women with digitally centered careers decided to build a professional organization. While their digital experience was not hands-on technical, they wanted to build a community where they could feel at home alongside their technical sisters. They wanted to create place where women could always engage with authenticity and honesty; where integrity was a non-negotiable.

Digital Women Kansas City is a professional network of women working in digital. Our careers range from design to IT, media or marketing, and anyone on the digital spectrum belongs. We are committed to learning, mentoring, collaborating and growing together.

We are Business Owners, Project Managers, Engineers, Marketers, Designers, and others, who want to learn from each other and build upon one another’s strengths. We focus on job and professional development, networking, project and team connection, soft skills development, community development and mentoring.


  • Founded by Melissa Green, Jen Brown, & Amanda Baird​

  • First Mini Conference was September 2015 at Sprint Accelerator



  • Second Mini Conference  Held in the Crossroads

  • Launched the Mentorship Program


  • Melissa Green passed the DWKC torch to Jen Brown

  • Leadership Council Formed


  • DWKC received its 501c3 designation

  • Digital Women of Kansas City became Digital Women Kansas City

  • The first Board of Directors was created


  • Hosted the Second Mentorship Program

  • First Virtual Mini Conference


  • Membership has grown to over 800

  • Board and Leadership Council has expanded

Our Community

DWKC is a community of women living in the greater Kansas City area. We focus on real-world solutions borne from real-world experience.  Not only are we a network of digital women, we’ll help you leverage that network to do more, earn more, be more.


Become a member for free and start to reap the rewards immediately. Our approach is “learn it today, use it tomorrow” – be it a panel discussion, mentoring event, or blog post. Theories and hypotheses are fine, but we are interested in putting you in the driver’s seat of your life.


Membership is free. Simply register and pay for the events you want to attend.

Want to Do More?

DWKC is an open-arms organization.

Have an idea? Let us know!

Want to speak at an event? Email us!

We’d love to have you!



Interested in joining our board or committee?

Fill out our Application Form

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