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OUR MISSION:  Educate and empower women to succeed in digital and in life.

The Importance of Networking

Written by DWKC Vice-President Haley Flippo

Networking is key in all aspects of our lives...personally and professionally. We tend to be drawn to like-minded individuals who create a space that feels inviting, inspirational, and mostly, enjoyable.

DWKC was created for this reason - to grow our professional network with like-minded women we enjoy!

There are 5 major benefits of networking:

  1. Shared Knowledge

  2. Opportunities

  3. Connections

  4. Increased confidence

  5. Raising your profile

1. Shared Knowledge

Every day we learn something new from the information we read, hear, see, or experience. Learning from our peers is the greatest knowledge we can receive because it consists of real-life experience and outlook from someone in a similar position or a position that we have yet to encounter. It helps us in all ways as we navigate our professional careers.

2. Opportunities

If I am asked for a recommendation, I first try to think of anyone I might know in that industry to recommend. I do so because opportunities are all around us. If I know an individual in my professional network that I value and they do a great job, I want to pass along any opportunity I can to them. We do not know where life will take us today, tomorrow, or 5 years from now. Growing and nurturing a professional network is crucial for all current and future opportunities.

3. Connections

A good connection is a domino effect. If you make a great connection with someone, there is a likely chance that they will remember you and your expertise and will share your information with other connections in their network who need your services. They will want to share your information because they support your business and want to support you! This also goes for a personal connection that YOU may have. Share their information with a beneficial connection! It is essential and will only strengthen your connection with them.

4. Increased Confidence

Think back to a time when you started a job and it was your first day…think about how at that moment when you started, you may have felt that you did not know what others around you knew. You were in training and maybe didn’t feel as confident as someone doing the same role for some time. You then train and get the hang of it and start rolling. You gained your confidence and now look back and can’t believe how far you’ve come.

This is exactly that. Networking only increases your confidence. Over time, you become more confident talking about yourself, your expertise, and what you do. This is a huge benefit of networking because even if opportunities and connections are slower, you are becoming more confident when those times and others do come.

5. Raising Your Profile

Continuously attending networking events only does one thing…increases your connections and makes you and your business more visible. Being a consistent face and building these connections will only benefit you and your business in the long run. You want to be the person they think of when they think - “who do I know in X industry that I can recommend?”

Making New Connections with DWKC!

I am a business owner and know there are endless numbers of networking groups and organizations out there. So, why choose DWKC out of all of them?

We have amazing women that are DWKC members and in 2023, we will be creating even more of a focus on professional interaction, networking, and relationships. Our events are wonderful - and we are building great relationships with one another, so we want to add an even larger focus on engaging.

We want to learn more about one another, from businesses and professions, to what your specific needs are, and how we can all help one another.

True real connection. That is our goal - to make this answer very clear.

New Networking Format in 2023

We will be hosting a Speed Dating-inspired networking event this Spring to kick-start this new focus! These events are for individuals looking to dig deeper into networking to speak and really learn about each other and what our members do.

We will break out into groups of 5 - 10 members at this event and discuss our professions, our networking goals, and how we can help one another.

We will also highlight members and their businesses throughout the year via social media and events, host more networking-focused meet-ups, and carry these practices into our monthly events in any way we can.

Our goal for each and every DWKC Member's first thought to be "I know a fellow DWKC member who can help with this!" when presented with an opportunity that is not in their wheelhouse.

We want our community to grow and be successful TOGETHER!

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