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OUR MISSION:  Educate and empower women to succeed in digital and in life.

Why Mentors Matter

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

DWKC's mentorship program is about creating connections among Kansas City digitally-focused women. Whether you are a blogger, a digital marketer, a designer, a business owner, a contractor - you name it!! - your experiences and skills are valuable.

Why become a Mentor?

We can easily surmise the benefits of being a mentee. But what about the benefits of being a mentor? You might be surprised.

1. Mentors do not need to be industry vets with years of experience. Near-peer mentors are valid and priceless as well! If you have a desire to make a difference - you will benefit from being a mentor.

2. Kick that imposter syndrome to the curb by feeling valued and connected. Sometimes the best confidence booster is hearing yourself communicate all that knowledge you carry inside.

3. Create a legacy by making a real difference in someone's life and career path. Whether you build their confidence, teach them tips or tricks, or make them feel heard and valued - creating that connection with someone is priceless. 4. Grow your leadership skills. Not all of us have work experience as managers or leaders. Mentorship allows you to practice supporting others, guide them in making decisions, and hold accountability for others.

5. Last but not least - form a relationship and a connection with another woman. Finding a place and community where you belong is essential to feeling fulfilled. Even the least social of us needs to feel as if we belong! Mentors not only provide mentees with a sense of tribe - but will also find that partnership returned!


"I joined the DWKC mentorship program in its early days and have now been with my mentee for over 6 years. We have both benefited from this relationship in many ways; I helped her move jobs twice, leading to a 20% pay increase, work through some tough professional conversations, having a baby, being a working mom and continuing to move up. And I get just as much out of the relationship - we have a deep understanding of our respective jobs, and it 'fills my cup' to be in this role." - Erin Sass, Merkle KC


Join the DWKC 2023/2024 Mentorship Program!

Program highlights include:

  • help being matched with a mentor or mentee.

  • great resources and opportunities only offered to our mentorship classes.

  • exclusive events designed to help you grow as a professional and deepen your mentoring relationships.

Program Expectations are that you:

  • remain respectful, confidential, consistent, kind, and responsive.

  • prioritize Mentorship Mingle attendance + other Mentorship-focused and DWKC events.

  • commit to a minimum of a once-per-month meeting with your partner (virtual or in-person).

  • participate in check-ins with the DWKC Mentorship coordinator.

  • commit to the program for one year (August 2023 - May 2024).

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