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Celebrating Inspirational Women: Yolanda Villegas

March is here, and as we celebrate Women’s History Month, Digital Women Kansas City is gearing up to celebrate the achievements of outstanding women in our community with the DWKC Community Inspiration Award!

Learn more about our first DWKC Community Inspiration Award recipient, Yolanda Villegas!

Meet Yolanda Villegas

Yolanda Villegas is a highly accomplished marketing and brand strategist with success across a wide range of fields in strategic planning, brand development, digital marketing and project management. She’s worked for global brands like Hallmark Cards, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions and GE.

We sat down with Yolanda to learn more about her career, and a special project that brought a winter wonderland to Kansas City.

What's your current role?

I am the Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Villegas Marketing, LLC. We are a branding and marketing communications consultancy that develops, refines and fuels growth through strategy, impactful storytelling and inclusive brand solutions.

What are 3 words to describe you?

Collaborative, Creative, Committed

Tell us about your role in helping Enchant come to life in Kansas City?

Relationships are key to me. I'm a firm believer in fostering the great relationships I have so that if that person is in need of something in the future, I can be someone top of mind.

In the case of Enchant, I'd established a great relationship with the CEO of the Kansas City Monarchs and when he knew they were bringing Enchant to Kansas City, he thought of me with my branding, marketing, event management and project management experience. Together, along with hundreds of behind-the-scenes experts, we brought the magic of a massive winter wonderland to Kansas City. (Editor's note: Enchant is one of the world's largest Christmas Light Maze and Villages. Enchant brought its winter wonderland to Kansas City last year.)

What made Enchant so successful?

Enchant's success was possible due to the "magic" we hoped to create for the guest's experience. From the moment guests walked into the facility with snow falling, our Magical Elves providing a welcome greeting and the music, it was a sensory delight.

The light maze told a story of a Mischievous Elf who lost Santa's toys so guests had to help us gather the toys for a prize. This type of experiential marketing is so impactful when you can ensure guests have an end-to-end experience. And 200,000 guests agreed!

Book you are currently reading or recommend?

I asked a friend how she stayed so motivated and positive all the time, so she suggested Change your Paradigm, Change your Life by Bob Proctor. It's a game-changer!


DWKC Community Inspiration Award

Do you know a woman who deserves to be recognized in Kansas City? Nominate her for the DWKC Community Inspiration Award!

Let’s come together to shine a spotlight on the incredible women shaping our community!


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