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Navigating Disruption TogetHER


Call for Speakers

Let’s face it, our world has changed....literally overnight. The uncertainties of tomorrow in what our professional and personal worlds will look like, are, well, at this point in time, a little bit of life in the unknown.  Through the ongoing disruptions, changes, and pivots of 2020, we all are learning to adapt and navigate through it.  Let's lock arms and learn to navigate this togetHER.

We are excited that you are interested in joining and leading our conversations this year at our 2020 Conference: Navigating Disruption TogetHER on October 15, 2020 from 2-5 pm.

This year will be different in that our conference will be virtual using Zoom and to help reduce the stress of presenting virtually, we encourage our speakers to pre-record their session.  Pre-recorded sessions should be around 20 minutes long and we will have 10 minutes of live questions and answers at the end of the session during the conference.  

Don't worry, you will not be alone and will have a produce available to help you navigate through the virtual session.

Our three tracts this year are:

- Adapting to Change in a Disruptive and Transformative Time:  Brands, companies are dealing with rapid unplanned changes with global pandemic and the year of ongoing and unexpected changes. We’ll share how organizations adapted and embraced change and discuss the pivot role and process of Change Management. We’ll also share some helpful ways to embrace change and leverage digital and technology in smarter ways during this a time of continual change.


Speaker topics requested: Change Management, Embracing and adapting to change in a disruptive time. Leveraging digital and technology in new or different ways in this transformative time.

- Shift Happens: The global pandemic has disrupted our worlds overnight. While organizations have strived for years to shift to deliver more customer and data-driven experiences, now customers (consumers and business) are demanding and expecting a digital-first experience. How are companies managing these shifts to become “digital” overnight? What shifts were mandatory in business, marketing, tech, process and resources? What shifts were advantageous? And, how are we as leaders and women continuing to make professional and personal shifts to accommodate all of the disruptions in 2020 and where do go from here?

Speaker topics requested: Overnight Organizational or Digital Shifts, Smart shifts that resulted in quick business wins. Job and/or Career shifts – taking advantage of new opportunities, new skills, new abilities.

- Navigating the Now: 2020 seems like already a decade long, from a global pandemic to murder hornets and civic and political unrest. How are we as digital leaders, as women, as friends and colleagues navigating it all? We seem to be continually pushing the reset button on life, work, ALL of it. How are we continuing to show up, provide value in the workplace, with our teams and co-workers? We’ll provide key insights and content and tools around navigating the now and preparing the next reset.


Speaker topics requested: A new work/life balance. Women supporting women. Showing up, staying present and  productive. Honing our communication skills to help navigate the swirl of change.

Complete and submit the form below and we will get back to you soon to discuss in more detail the conference and your speaking engagement.

New speakers are encouraged to apply!

Speaker submissions are due by August 31, 2020!

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Once submitted a member of the DWKC Board will contact you to discuss next steps.

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